Remembering Hardy Rickbeil

Like many others in Worthington, I was saddened to hear about Hardy Rickbeil’s passing on Sunday. I will not pretend to have known him very well; I only met him once, although I saw him around the community in all sorts of capacities. Hardy seems to have been one of those hyper-involved people that had something to…
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Photos Of Worthington At Sunset

If you’ve been staying indoors lately, you’ve been missing out. Even yesterday, when it drizzled throughout the morning and a thunderstorm started up again at night, sunset on Lake Okabena was beautiful. On the nights I go for a walk, I inevitably see something and think "What a great photo that would make!" and of course, I…
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Sad, Hilarious Police Report

We had several odd police incident reports Sunday, including the awww-inspiring following: There are mean kids at the park who will not let them play with the equipment. Mean kids gone upon officer arrival. Hopefully the mean kids never came back. And here are the other strange ones: Reports a new Toyota (no plates) weaving and…
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Worthington Man Involved In Collision

The St. Cloud Times reports today that a Worthington man, Ronald Westley, was involved in an accident in St. Cloud.

Worthington Of The Past

I have a google alert set for Worthington, Minnesota, so I get little emails that tell me whenever Worthington is mentioned in a new website. This time, I happened to have gotten two alerts on eBay sales postcards of the Worthington area. (Note that I’m not promoting eBay or the sellers of these postcards, as I have no idea…
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