Sad News: Trololo Guy Passes Away

Sad news to fans of internet memes today: The Trololo Guy, Eduard Khil, has passed away at age 77. Incidentally, the lyrics to the song were replaced with nonsense words because Soviet censors didn’t like them. In other news across the web: Remember those exploding beach rocks? BoingBoing brings us an update: It was definitely…
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Sad Teddy Bears, Sadder Pants

A few links today to get you started: BoingBoing posted this hilarious image of a teddy bear “science project” that features a teddy bear exposed to the effects of evil. (If you’re not the kind of person who finds mutated teddy bears funny, or finds them disturbing, do not click on this link. For what…
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Weird History

I caught up with BoingBoing and wanted to share a few weird historical tidbits, including a haunted, talking mongoose weasel, all the Betty Crockers you could ever want and jello that wants to kill all humans. Incidentally, the pine cones are also out to get us, and you can’t trust the pop tarts.

The Teat Tweet

Everyone who is anyone (and a lot of people really aren’t anyone) is now using social media, from your hometown to your church to your mom to your dog. And now Twitter is going to the cows. That’s right. Thanks to the Teat Tweet, you can now read the online 140-character-or-less musings of 12 different…
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Putting The Raz In Crazy

My editor received a peculiar email today. Scratch that. It wasn’t peculiar. It was downright bizarre. It reminded me of how Nietzsche wrote, only the writer of this email may have been kicked in the head by a horse more than once. (The horse-kicking may be an apocryphal Nietzsche story, but the guy really did completely…
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