Freezing In The Frozen North

The thing is, it’s actually not always cold in North Dakota. I generally have to explain this to people who aren’t from the middle part of the continent, because their mental image of North Dakota usually comes from “Fargo.” Which mostly took place in Minnesota anyway. Neither state is a desolate barren wasteland filled with…
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Historical Snowstorms And Blizzards

I’ve written about the Children’s Blizzard today, but decided to put it into Reprint because of the focus on history. I’m very glad that the blizzard we had over the weekend did not kill 250-500 people.

Glorious Weather

You know you’re a Minnesotan/North Dakotan when you roll your windows down ’cause it hit 35. Of course, this weekend it was a great deal warmer than that, and pretty much everybody rolled their windows down, or wore short sleeves. Even those with thinner skin dispensed with their coats. It’s been great weather for moving.…
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The Wind Has A Message

I generally keep chocolate around in case of an emergency, and today I opened up the foil on a fortune chocolate. That’s what I call those little individually-wrapped bite-sized portions of chocolate that have little sayings on the insides of their wrappers. “The wind tells a story, listen.” Only I live in the Midwest. Although…
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The Hail With It

Friday’s rainstorm prompted interesting scanner chatter, but it also left me with a minor dilemma, as I was uncertain how to describe for my story the bits of hail that fell on Jamestown. The hailstones were smaller than peas, and I was struggling to find a good way to illustrate their size. Sub-pea-sized? Tinyhail? Nerds…
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