Patchouli Takes The Stage

Patchouli has taken the stage here at the Regatta, with their folksy blend of tunes. They sound great. I hope to have some audio and video up later, if the wind will die down enough for me to get decent sound. We’ll see how that goes.

Lollipop Girl

I was finally able to get this picture of a little tiny girl eating a lollipop while rocking out to the music of the Ditch Lilies. Currently Patchouli is playing. They’re kind of a folk music group with a modern sound to it. Another picture taken just after it stopped raining. Right now that table is chock-full…
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It’s A Kid’s Game

About an hour ago it had dried up enough to allow them to move some of the art activities out from under the art tent.  Still trying very hard to post a backlog of photos, but it’s not working very well. I know they made major changes to AreaVoices this week, so I’m thinking that may be…
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Dry, Dry, Drying Up

The rain has passed. I’ve heard a bit of gossip around Sailboard Beach, and everyone seems to think the rain is over. The satellite image seems to agree with the word on the street… unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to post the picture right now, for whatever reason, so you’ll just have to…
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The Art Tent

Art continues in the art tent, despite the sogginess of the ambiance. Fortunately, inside the art tent, it’s still pretty dry. It’s open until 2 p.m., I think, so it’s a great time to bring your kids down and make some art! The Ditch Lilies are coming up in the beer tent. There’s not much of a…
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