Technical Difficulties

My work computer was sick, and I didn’t even notice. If it had been a dog, it would have been wheezing, staggering around and not recognizing familiar objects, but as a computer, it had a lot fewer options for demonstrating symptoms. So it just slowed down a lot. Because I know just enough about hardware…
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Chair Auction Raises Cash For Honor Flight Southwest Minnesota

The chair auction went extremely well this year and we raised $3,011 for the Southwest Minnesota Honor Flight! The Globe’s going to kick in extra, so the total amount of the donation will be $4,000! Thank you to everyone who donated! Java Nau five o’clock chair: $350 Avera Star Trek chair: $125 Trends armed forces chair: $200 Quality…
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Chair Donations For The Honor Flight!

The first round of chair donations is in–the totals people donated to the chairs in order to "vote" for them as their favorites. Java Nau’s 5 p.m. chair: $78 Mike Woll’s Gopher chair: $54.82 Turbes’ music chair: $52.00 Quality Auto Body’s semper fi chair: $15.25 Erwin Painting’s Twins chair: $9.48 Lampert’s Cookie Monster chair: $6.25 Avera’s Star Trek chair: $5.45 New Dawn’s…
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Folkdancing Lessons!

Earlier, they were offering folkdancing lessons to kids, which resulted in quite a bit of fun! Adults danced with kids and kids of both genders danced with each other without worrying about girl or boy germs.

Other Media

As you can see, there are other media organizations wandering around recording everything that’s going on at the Regatta. I believe these folks are from WGTN-3, the local cable channel we partner with for all sorts of video projects.  Unfortunately, while this photo got through, none of the others I’ve tried to post are working. I may have…
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