Updated: North Dakota Has Lots Of Escalators

Apparently some people have been making fun of Wyoming for only having two escalators in the entire state. I’m not sure why, but it’s prompted someone to count the six escalators in South Dakota–three of which are in Sioux Falls. One of them doesn’t have steps, but is a moving ramp–that’s the one at the…
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I May Drink Too Much.

I may drink too much. Seriously, who needs four different cups of coffee and a bottle of orange juice at the same time?

Real Klingons Wear Pink In Star Trek: The Animated Series

Giant pink tribbles. Spock casting magic spells. The crew turning into babies, growing gills, or shrinking. Is there no weirdness that failed to occur on Star Trek: The Animated Series? No. No, there isn’t. And that’s why the show, which ran from 1973-74, is pure, unadulterated awesome. Though it occupies a dubious position in Trekkie…
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Oh No! Civilization Is Totally Coming To An End!

No, civilization’s not really coming to an end. But people do get hysterical over all sorts of things, don’t they? Sometimes it’s better just to sit back and giggle. The future of men’s fashion is frills. Lots of frills. Only it isn’t, of course, but you can still take a moment to laugh at this…
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The Weirdness That Is Gangnam Style

If you haven’t heard of Gangnam Style by now, it’s a silly Korean pop song that went spectacularly viral online and has since become tremendously popular. Its music video on YouTube has more than a billion views. Yes, that’s “billion” with a B. It’s also spawned a number of versions and parodies, some of which…
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