Statute Of Limitations On Genocide?

As we get further and further in time from World War II, the number of remaining veterans is continuing to dwindle. So is the number of remaining Nazis, and the number of full-fledged war criminals. One of those alleged war criminals was recently found living in Minnesota. He is 94 years old, and he lied…
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Historical Snowstorms And Blizzards

I’ve written about the Children’s Blizzard today, but decided to put it into Reprint because of the focus on history. I’m very glad that the blizzard we had over the weekend did not kill 250-500 people.

Hating On Iowa

While I’ve never lived in Iowa, and though my home in southwest Minnesota has a healthy rivalry with its southern neighbor, I have to admit I like the state. People there are friendly and helpful, and the lakes region features some of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen–woods and fields nestled in between lakes…
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Farewell, Worthington

I am going to miss southwest Minnesota. I blame physics. Apparently there’s some natural law or something about how you can’t have one object in two places at the same time, and because I’m moving to Jamestown, N.D. this week, I can’t simultaneously be in southwest Minnesota sipping pina coladas on the shores of Lake…
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Seven Things To Do During The Tropical Heat Wave

It can’t last. We are Midwesterners, and we know this lovely heat wave that has temporarily turned our chilly tundra into a tropical paradise, with temperatures in the 30s and maybe even low 40s, can’t possibly last. It’s only mid-February, and we have the rest of this month and all of March to get through…
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