Thoughts On The Runnin O’ The Green

I talked to too many people at the Runnin O’ the Green. Yes, it actually is possible to do that, when you’re a reporter. I found there were at least four or five people extra interviews I ended up not using in my article, which clocked in at 38.18 inches. For those of you who…
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Happy Viking Day!

Pillage and plunder and loot your hearts out, today, my friends, for it is Viking Day, the day upon which we celebrate our Scandinavian heritage (or lack thereof) and steal candy and flowers from everybody else! Viking Day is a widely-celebrated holiday, in which people buy flowers and candy and exchange them as weregild, as…
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Creepy Christmas Carols

I love Christmas carols, but some of them are downright creepy if you think about the lyrics a bit. I didn’t really notice it much until a colleague commented that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” may possibly be a story about sexual violence, rather than a harmless, coy flirtation between two people in love. Now I…
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The Long Dark Christmas Carol Of The Soul

My friends who work in retail are already beginning to get a little… funny… about having┬áto listen to the same twenty or so Christmas carols over and over again at work. I’m not sure this constitutes torture under the Geneva Convention, but it is certainly annoying. My workplace doesn’t play Christmas tunes over any sort…
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The Sith Who Stole Christmas

Darth Vader is evil. And now he’s stolen Christmas.