A Real Newsman Reaches –30–

I didn’t want to be a reporter, though I do love the work. I came to the newspaper business largely by accident, during college. At the time, I wrote mostly fiction, and although I found creative nonfiction interesting, I never did take a single journalism class. It’s left me with a somewhat unusual writing style (I…
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What Should A Princess Look Like?

I had the best princess role model when I was a child. Although she had beautiful dresses and ornate, stylish hairdos just like the Disney lineup of princesses, she also carried a blaster, didn’t take any lip from any scruffy nerfherders, and actively participated in her own rescue. Yes, she was still a bit of…
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Dungeons And Dragons Lovers Need To Visit Jamestown

One of the best stories in all of Dungeons & Dragons is the tale of the Dread Gazebo, in which a storyteller’s group meets a gazebo and, not knowing what it is, assumes it’s a monster of some kind. The story has left me and probably plenty of other geeky people with a sincere affection…
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Historical Snowstorms And Blizzards

I’ve written about the Children’s Blizzard today, but decided to put it into Reprint because of the focus on history. I’m very glad that the blizzard we had over the weekend did not kill 250-500 people.

Halloween Roundup: Witches, Wizards, Superman And Inexplicably, Kale

Plenty of Halloween-related material out there this week, and the Smithsonian in particular has a lot of great stuff. Kale can be used to predict what your spouse will be like! No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but quite a few other traditions of this ilk don’t either. It’s an old Halloween tradition…
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