Women In Technology

Today, March 24, is Ada Lovelace Day, in which we celebrate women in technology. Lovelace is considered the first programmer. Not the first female programmer, the first programmer. Ever. Celebrate your favorite geekettes today!

The Top 10 Geek Anthems

Victor Pineiro of Popten published this fun Top 10 Songs of Geekdom list and after listening to the fun version of the Legend of Zelda theme there, it got me thinking about how much I think about video game music. A lot. I think about video game music a lot. Most of the time when I’m going…
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The Secret Lives Of Technology

We received our new printer today, a shiny, black monstrosity that strongly resembles a doomsday machine of some sort. This impression was liberally reinforced by the bits of yellow and blue warning tape stuck to it all over the place, as well as the red-ringed "DO NOT" type signs warning us away from… well, as…
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Technical Difficulties, Ack

Some of you probably noticed the Daily Globe website wasn’t updated at the usual time (midnight). As it happens, we experienced some technical difficulties with the website and couldn’t put up any stories for a while. Whenever this happens (and to the Fargo folks’ credit, it doesn’t happen often), it drives me crazy. It’s kind…
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The Black Swan: The Things You Think Are Impossible

Today I came across a curious throwaway reference buried in a news article about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, stating that the incident was a black swan event. Now I happen to absolutely adore a 1932 trashy romance named "The Black Swan" that was written by Rafael Sabatini (better known for "Captain Blood"). That…
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