Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Every generation gets its own Batman, and perhaps each generation gets the Batman it deserves. When movies are part of a set, like this one is, it’s hard to judge each one on its own merits, and there were a lot of high expectations from “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third movie in the most…
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The Unbearable Isolation Of The Comic Void

Comic books are supposed to be full of color and action and people going “POW!” and “BANG!”, or at least hitting each other while wearing outfits that would make Lady Gaga giggle hysterically. At least, that’s what I thought. Apparently they can also express the existential angst of living in an ultimately empty world, or…
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More On Superheroes

Here’s a look at the versions of Batman we’ve seen throughout the years, from the campy TV show Batman all the way through to the (really) Dark Knight. The Batman in the fifth picture is the one I remember from my youth, and he lived in a fairly dark world, considering it was an afternoon…
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Good Guys And Bad Guys And How To Tell The Difference

I don’t really read comics, but I do know a lot of people who do. I also read an interesting article the other day stating some people believe Hollywood movies have become too dark. Not, you know,  in the sense that they movies that are sad and angsty about terrible subjects, but just dark. As…
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Caption Contest: Terror Stalked My Love!

It’s Friday! Time for a Caption Contest. Guess what the stalker or random passer-by hiding behind the rock is saying in this comic… or maybe just say what he should be saying. Keep it clean, keep it funny!