Reel Bad: Movies For The Strong Of Stomach

Some movies are good. The best of them become legends, cult favorites or classics, and they have enough fans that people still talk about them decades later: “The Godfather,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Princess Bride,” “Casablanca.” Some movies are terrible. The worst of these also become legends, cult favorites or classics, and if…
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Oh Look! A Sparkly Shiny Thing!

As you may have noticed, Reprint has moved to its permanent home,, and I can now access Oh Look! A Shiny Thing! again. Hooray! I’ve redesigned some of the graphic elements and I hope you like the new look of it. Many sparkles died to make this page possible.

11 Time Wasters And Movies To Watch

Here are a few oddball and esoteric blogs and a few short movies you may enjoy: A Laker in China, telling the entertaining tale of a Midwesterner teaching English in China. Vintage Ads, which is pretty much what it sounds like. If you like my other blog, Reprint, you will probably enjoy Vintage Ads. AbeBooks’…
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10 Time Wasters: Bad Movies, Weird Photos, Weird Beach Boys Tunes And Even A LOLCat

1. From Reuters comes this top 10 list that may be better termed a bottom 10 list: It’s a list of the 10 biggest movie flops of the past decade. And the biggest flop isn’t Battlefield Earth, surprisingly. I’m happy to report I haven’t seen any of these movies, and I don’t intend to, either.…
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Sandwiches Of The Non-Knuckle Variety

When I worked at a tea room, we made a lot of sandwiches, mostly of the little tiny bite-sized tea sandwich variety, but also some nice big ones. Because it was a tea room, they were usually beautifully garnished with dill, basil, thyme, rosemary or even edible flowers, arranged beautifully on the plate. The sandwiches…
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