Anger Over Cecil The Lion Isn’t About Cecil The Lion

People have already begun to question the anger over the killing of Cecil, a lion that lived quite happily in a Zimbabwe national park until Walter J. Palmer, a Minnesota dentist originally from North Dakota shot Cecil on a hunting trip. Why do people care so much about a lion? The answer is simple: mostly, they don’t.…
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Dogs Who Survived Puppy Mill Need Families

Many of the dogs rescued from puppy mills have lasting issues. Some of them are health-related, like urinary tract infections, dental problems that have required removal of teeth or worse. Other issues are behavioral. Some of the dogs haven’t had any socialization at all, so they’re timid around strangers, won’t get too close to people…
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Possible New Mascot: SpellCat

SpellCat sez: Spel RITE. Actually, I think all she actually says is “Mew.” Which, roughly translated, means “Do not abuse the humble apostrophe, for it is our friend.”

The Mission: Impossible Episode That Doesn’t Work

While I absolutely adore the old TV classic Mission: Impossible, I have to admit my suspension of disbelief will only go so far. Greg Morris’s amazing techno-gadgets seem plausible now that we have cellphones and computers in every home. I can grudgingly roll my eyes and go along with the fact that blue-eyed, white Martin…
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Invasion Of The Lake Snatchers

Zebra mussels have apparently invaded the lake my grandparents’ cabin is on. This is not good news, as the mussels are an invasive species famous for encrusting everything put into a lake, including docks and boats and water outlets, and they aren’t good for native species of the lake, either. The water will get clearer,…
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