UND Nickname Analysis: All The Rest, And David Hasselhoff

Knight Rider
Knight Rider

Night Riders: What would David Hasselhoff say? Leaving off the K isn’t going to be enough to avoid comparisons, is it?

Riders: Could potentially have some inappropriate connotations, just like “Rough Riders.”

Snow Dogs: A little unusual, but still easy to recognize and fierce/cute as is needed.

Spirit: I may be prejudiced by having seen “The Spirit” movie, which was entirely awful, but I don’t like this name much, as I mentioned before. It’s fine on its own, but almost any visualization of it will be offensive to some religion or another.

Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die

Thunder Hawks: A few other teams use this mascot, but it’s not that distinctive, either.

Warhawks: “War” isn’t really a connotation we need for sports.

Wings: Well, I do like “Live and Let Die” a whole lot.

Wool(l?)y Mammoth: I actually like this one. It’s unusual, but it’s also a fierce beast comfortable in cold climates, and bonus, it is larger and scarier than a bison. The downside would be all the extinction jokes.

Fighting Greens: Greens are lettuce, guys. “Fighting Green” could be a team; “fighting greens” would be a belligerent salad.

Previous analysis of the other UND nickname possibilities can be found here and here.

Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, but stay civil, and please, nothing about the old nickname. This thread’s not about that; if you wish, I can direct you to other threads where you can make those comments freely, though.

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  1. Rich McFarlane

    Google the Colorado Mammoth- pro lacrosse team out of Denver. Cool logos. I wonder, since this name already exists, if it’s not original enough.

    1. It’d be pretty hard to find a name that has never existed at all, anywhere, ever. Quasars, for example, and Blossoms are already taken.

      I’d guess that there’s enough difference between lacrosse and hockey, and Denver and North Dakota, and pro and college, to let it work.

      But that is just my opinion. 🙂

      1. Cal Orado

        Why use a name somebody else already has or will get? In hockey there is one name not duplicated, The Canucks. So why not the Nodaks? Who else can use it?

  2. Ben Bachmeier

    Am not excited about ANY of the name suggestions…. still like what I had suggested
    , “Green Flames” (it didn’t make the cut). It ties in with our UND logo, the ever-burning torch, the words of our Alma Mater, which could be sung by the whole crowd at the end of each game ….. like another proud “UND” team does — Notre Dame!

  3. Wally Lang

    Too bad Imperials wasn’t given a second look, your comments notwithstanding. Were that the nickname, the Ralph could have been referred to as the Imperial Palace–the name of Ralph’s casino in Las Vegas.

    1. I like Imperials; they’re probably some of the best Valentine’s Day candies, especially when compared with those super-chalky conversation hearts.

    1. Well, that would strike fear into the hearts of just about everybody. Even people who like snakes might find the idea of airborne snakes worrisome.

  4. Dave

    I still stand by the name I submitted which is Spirit Hawks. Odd that 11 “hawk” names made the cut but not Spirit Hawks. Hawk Spirit would be another take on it.

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