Speak Up And Be Heard, Geeks And Gamers!

It’s not okay to threaten a school shooting.

It’s not okay to threaten to kill someone’s family.

It’s not okay to find someone’s address and post it online without consent.

It’s not okay to try to induce someone into committing suicide.

It’s not okay to threaten someone with rape.

None of these things is okay, and yet all of them are happening to people in the video games industry and its offshoots, and by people who claim to be speaking for gamers and acting on gamers’ behalf.

I don’t believe they do speak for gamers, though. I know way too many people who play video games–doctors, programmers, nurses, lawyers, writers, photographers, stay-at-home parents and retired grandparents. None of them would think these behaviors are okay.

Those of you who like to play video games: Is this what you want done on your behalf?

If it isn’t, speak up, and let it be known that you don’t feel it’s acceptable. Don’t give this kind of behavior a pass–speak up and let others know it’s not cool. Say something on Twitter, say something on Facebook, say something on your own blog.

Call people out when they do these things, no matter why they claim they’re doing it. Don’t let it pass as if it were normal and sane, because it’s not. Speak up. A lot of people are speaking up now, but more are needed.

You are all needed.

Be heard!

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    Wtf are you talking about? If you dont want people to have your information dont give them the tools such as your name.

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