Black Friday: Mass Hysteria Or Family Fun?

Family members investigate a fish house at Home of Economy on Black Friday. Coty Remmick, back right, checks the size with son Jaxsyn Remmick, 5, while his other son, Gavyn Anderson, 9, left, tries out the view from inside the fish house.

A lot of people shop on Black Friday with their family members, like the guys shown up above. They were all super nice to me, and took time out from shopping to chat with a reporter, which I appreciated.

Shoppers check out the toys at Home of Economy on Black Friday.
A family of shoppers check out the toys at Home of Economy on Black Friday.

All in all, the mall was busy but not hectic-crazy-trampling-busy when I visited it at 10 a.m. or so on Friday, and everyone I spoke with was very nice and polite–none of the negative behavior people often associate with the day.

Alvin Gruebele of Jamestown, left, and Ken Frey of Bloom Township, right, wait for their wives during a Black Friday shopping expedition. 

I love Mr. Gruebele’s shoes in the above photo. I didn’t notice them at the time, but the laces are awesome, and they are exactly the right kind of shoes to wear for shopping, too. The guys looked a bit worn out, but I think they were having fun chatting with each other.

Donna Mayer of Jamestown takes a mid-morning break on Black Friday at the Buffalo Mall.
Donna Mayer of Jamestown takes a mid-morning break on Black Friday at the Buffalo Mall. She had shopped the night before, and intended to go on to shop more at Fargo on Friday! She advised prospective Black Fridayers to take lots of breaks.

I took a lot of pictures, as I wasn’t sure whether they’d be needed, and a few of them were used in the paper, but as usual, I had some extra ones, as well as some mediocre ones that I didn’t really like but may be of interest.

Christmas Cloth
I actually meant for this photo to show that Black Friday is the kickoff to the Christmas season, by illustrating Christmas cloth for sale at the Buffalo Mall. In retrospect, though, it’s probably not clear enough what kind of cloth that is, so it just looks like a large selection of cloth bolts. Oh well.

There were a lot of Black Friday sale signs at the Mall.

Christmas season at the Mall! On Black Friday.

The above photo was another quasi-failed attempt to show that Black Friday kicks off the Christmas season. It didn’t get used, probably because it makes the mall look like a barren wasteland.

Which it wasn’t–there were a lot of people there. You can see a few of them in the distance, and there were a bunch more behind me. I just took the picture at the wrong time, unfortunately.

If it weren’t for work, I’d never get within a mile of a mall on Black Friday. I just don’t like shopping–normally clothes shopping in particular makes me radiate misery like the corium under Chernobyl gives off radioactivity.

That said, the mall and the other businesses in Jamestown that I visited on Black Friday were actually quite pleasant. Busy, yes, but cheerful.

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