Rip Haywire Offers Snarky Adventure

The Jamestown Sun recently added three new comics to its roster, and as one of them is a serial adventure comic — and we started in the middle of a storyline — I thought I would provide readers with a quick guide to the new comic, Rip Haywire.

According to Wikipedia, Rip Haywire is written and illustrated by Dan Thompson. It’s a serial action/adventure strip, stylized, but with a snarky, comedic bent — occasionally it reads more like a parody than anything.

The great thing about serial comics in the modern age is that you can often read archives online if you miss an installment in the paper. Accordingly, a couple years of Rip Haywire are archived on GoComics.


Rip: He was hired to provide security for Fengshui Kelly’s poker game. The comic is named after him, and he seems to be the protagonist. Thompson has described him as a brave, handsome man of honor who lives for dangerous thrills. (Shown above, right)

Breezy: A pilot with an island charter service. Recently she apparently lost her helicopter. At some point after that, she saved Cobra’s life and then Cobra saved hers. She appears to be Rip’s girlfriend. (Shown at right)

Fengshui Kelly: With a mustache like that, he must be a villain. However, the portly gent wearing a Hawaiian shirt claims he’s running a high-stakes poker tournament, and hired Rip and Breezy as security and pilot, respectively. (Shown at the bottom of the post)

Cobra: A beautiful pirate queen, and according to Wikipedia, an ex-girlfriend of Rip. Thompson has described her as a self-reliant master thief. And an amoral one at that. (Shown at left)

According to the wikipedia page, this comic has a few other characters I haven’t seen yet:

TNT: Rip’s cowardly collie. Thompson called him “A coward’s coward.”

R.J.: An orphan kid.

The Story So Far:

Recently Breezy and Cobra were engaged in a battle of sorts over a magical wish-granting tiki statue, which ended up being lost to the ocean. At some point prior to this, Breezy’s helicopter was put out of commission and presumably, destroyed; I don’t know, as that was before we started carrying the comic.

Since the tiki storyline was over, the storyline has moved on to a high-stakes poker game run by Fengshui Kelly.

More information on Rip Haywire can be found here.

I’ll try to keep you updated on what happens in the comic as time goes on.