Disturbing Images On Facebook

I think people don’t always think things through before they repost them on social media sites.

While there are many bits of incorrect information out there involving bad health/food/diet information, feel-good or shock stories that turn out to be totally untrue, as well as photos filled with blood and gore, there are also a few things that seem to actually advocate violence.

Not at first glance. They don’t look like violent messages. Probably, they weren’t meant as violent messages either, especially not by the people who reposted them.

And I’m young, I guess. Maybe these things aren’t disturbing to others.

What do you think?

I have to warn you, if you’re easily disturbed you should probably not read the rest of this post. I found these things disturbing myself, although there is no graphic violence shown–only implied.

The above image seems to be advocating the belting of people as treatment for a psychiatric disorder. The note beneath it specifically mentions children, though the image does not.

For those of you who are not familiar with belting, it is a form of corporal punishment utilizing a belt, such as the one shown, to strike a person as a disciplinary measure. The person wielding the belt can use the end with the holes, can double up the belt so that it’s bulkier and heavier, or can even strike the other person with the metal end. It is intended to inflict pain, although I would think wounds could certainly result from the belting process.

For any of you still unfamiliar with ADHD, it is a psychiatric disorder, not misbehavior. Many people do believe ADHD is over-diagnosed or mis-treated, but ADHD itself is not fictional. It is recognized by the medical establishment as a legitimate psychiatric disorder.
Often, people with untreated ADHD can’t focus well enough to do activities they love, let alone activities they do not enjoy.

Further, many adults have ADHD — likely somewhere between 2 and 5 percent of the population. They might have impulse control problems, seem disorganized, can’t relax, talk too much in social situations and seem short-tempered. A lot of times they have comorbidities, like anxiety disorders, addictions or depression.

I don’t know how being beaten with a belt would help someone with an anxiety disorder. I’m not sure how it would help them organize their closets or fall asleep quickly at night, either. How would being beaten with a belt help someone with a short temper calm down and respond in a positive way to someone else? Does being beaten with a belt help with alcoholism?

If this is a legitimate treatment, who should beat adults with ADHD with a belt in order to treat their ADHD? Who should beat children? Should it be by prescription only in either case?

I suppose this is a (very disturbing) reductio ad absurdum, but there’s nothing within the image that indicates it’s just for children (only in the line beneath it), and it is certainly true that adults can have ADHD.

I find the image disturbing, though I think people who are posting it simply aren’t thinking of its darker implications.

I think if a doctor wanted to beat me as a psychiatric treatment, I would get a second opinion, and consider turning the doctor in to the authorities.

You “wouldn’t be here”? Why? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Columbo, but this seems to be advocating the murder of disrespectful children.

Maybe the theoretical parents are incarcerating their children in juvenile detention facilities instead, leading to either reformation (and no Facebook access?)  or hardening (leading to prison and no Facebook access?). Maybe they’re selling their children as slaves (no Facebook access there)? Are they beating them so much they remain hospitalized (no Facebook access in a coma)? Sending them to a monastery/convent (no Facebook)?

I don’t know, but “wouldn’t be here” sounds pretty dire to me. I think most people can get behind “Some children need to learn the meaning of respect,” but I think most people would also get behind “Some adults do too.”

And I also think most people would not claim their own parents would have actually, literally murdered them for being disrespectful. I hope.

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  1. Dale Moerke

    Yes, they are disturbing. Taking a belt to someone, adult or child, for whatever reason is just wrong. The second picture… I wish people would take a few seconds to think before they decide to share something.

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