The Mission: Impossible Episode That Doesn’t Work

While I absolutely adore the old TV classic Mission: Impossible, I have to admit my suspension of disbelief will only go so far.

Greg Morris’s amazing techno-gadgets seem plausible now that we have cellphones and computers in every home. I can grudgingly roll my eyes and go along with the fact that blue-eyed, white Martin Landau is supposedly playing an Arabic person or an Asian person on the show, in order to deceive the bad guy and accomplish whatever the mission of the week is. I can buy that every male in the world apparently wants Barbara Bain, or that every woman wants Peter Graves, even though people’s tastes actually do differ.

Photo from here.

What I cannot buy is that the Impossible Missions Force has somehow trained a cat to fetch.

Yes, that’s right, my friends, episode 9, season 2 is the dealbreaker. The IMF trains a cat to walk across a long beam, retrieve a priceless jade seal from a transparent display case, and then walk back across the beam carrying the seal.

They trained a cat to fetch.

It’s an adorable cat, sure, and cats are smart, sure. But I don’t know any self-respecting cats that are willing to walk across a narrow beam and grab something for some silly human political reason.

So while I’ll still be watching and enjoying Mission: Impossible in the future, that particular episode will always stand out in my mind as the straw that broke the disbelief camel’s back.

They trained a cat to fetch.