Learning To Shoot Zombies

Dead ZombieI learned to shoot over the weekend, with the help of my colleague, Logan Adams. While I’m not sure if I ever hit the target with the larger guns (that’s larger in physical size, not um, bullet size), the handgun seemed to work better for me, as you can see above.

With zombies you mostly aim for the head.

I figured with as many guns as there are in North Dakota, it would probably be best for me to learn how to at least hold one without shooting myself in the foot. By the end of the expedition I felt reasonably confident about that, although I don’t think I’ll be going hunting any time soon.

Many thanks to Logan for his patience and tutoring, as well as for the use of his guns and ammunition!

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  1. Logan

    I was so proud of Kari. She was a perfect student and darned well, especially considering it was the first time she’d ever fired a gun.

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