Dungeons And Dragons Lovers Need To Visit Jamestown

Dread Gazebo
Dread Gazebo

One of the best stories in all of Dungeons & Dragons is the tale of the Dread Gazebo, in which a storyteller’s group meets a gazebo and, not knowing what it is, assumes it’s a monster of some kind.

The story has left me and probably plenty of other geeky people with a sincere affection for gazebos. I even own a teapot shaped like a gazebo. (So far it hasn’t eaten any of my other teapots, but I’ve kept a pretty close eye on it.)

So I am super, super excited to announce that Jamestown will be getting its own Dread Gazebo! Okay, well, it’s not actually a Dread Gazebo per se (it’s not likely to eat anyone) but it is totally awesome, and it’s going to be huge when it’s built. Two stories! We are building a two-story gazebo in Jamestown and it is going to be so cool.

While it’s not really a Dread Gazebo, it’s about the closest thing real life can offer, and once it’s built–which isn’t yet–I would strongly encourage every Dungeons & Dragons-lover in the area to drop by Jamestown and see it.

It will almost certainly not eat you. Probably.

But seriously, you should check it out! Here’s the full story on the real gazebo (which no, will not have fangs). It’s a replica of one that was built for former President U.S. Grant to be in, so it’s totally completely awesome on a historical basis even if you aren’t a Dread Gazebo fan.

I know I’m nerding out on this, but it’s such a neat, fun project. I don’t know if there is such a thing as geek tourism, but if there isn’t there should be, and I know I myself would detour off a planned route to see this thing when it’s done.

Here’s the genuine model of the gazebo that will be built:

Actual Gazebo Model
(John M. Steiner / The Sun) A scaled replica of a two-story gazebo project sits inside the Stutsman County Memorial Museum Monday. Concrete forms outline where the structure will stand to the north of the museum as seen in the background at right.