Lies About The Boston Bombing

Conspiracy theories about the Boston bombing continue to be posted today.

Please don’t be gullible enough to fall for this stuff, folks–anyone who claims to know what happened at this point is not being truthful.

Many of these claims are ridiculous and easily debunked. Others aren’t as obviously false, but still don’t pass the smell test –a claim about an eight-year-old supposedly running a marathon in which children are not allowed to run, for example, or a picture of a woman killed at Sandy Hook that’s been manipulated by a photo program and incorrectly labelled as a Boston bombing survivor.

If something seems fishy, just don’t pass it on until you are sure, especially if it comes from an unknown or an single-agenda-driven source.

Please do not spread lies.

Here are five viral stories about the bombing that are not true. In any event like this you are going to get untrue stories, partly because initial reports later turn out to be untrue. That’s normal. Just make sure you read the followup reports, too.