Headaches And Other Brain Drains

My brain decided to spontaneously explode on Sunday night.

As it’s a brain, and not a keg of dynamite with a fuse and a match, it didn’t do a very good job of it, and as the blizzard sailed in like the Flying Dutchman, my headache got worse and worse.

Though it’s far from lethal, there’s nothing quite like an ordinary, garden-variety sinus headache. I don’t know how you folks who get migraines deal with it, I really don’t. The infinitely-less-powerful sinus headaches I occasionally get are quite enough.

This time, prompted by atmospheric pressure changes that brought snow to apparently every single person on social media ever, my headache was impervious to my old reliable weapons, Aleve and Claritin. Advil did nothing. And the nausea was bad enough that I didn’t dare lie down and risk putting pressure on any internal organs.

But, as most headaches do, it eventually vanished, leaving me bored, because I couldn’t concentrate on anything more complicated than “OGG SMASH WITH ROCK,” and tired, because I hadn’t been able to sleep what with the throbbin’ noggin (which may be a good name for a band) and all.

Still, it was just a headache, and not even a migraine at that. No big deal.