Oh No! Civilization Is Totally Coming To An End!

(Danny Martindale/WireImage)
http://yhoo.it/WKU8oV (Danny Martindale/WireImage)

No, civilization’s not really coming to an end.

But people do get hysterical over all sorts of things, don’t they? Sometimes it’s better just to sit back and giggle.

  • The future of men’s fashion is frills. Lots of frills. Only it isn’t, of course, but you can still take a moment to laugh at this collection of bizarre high-fashion “menswear,” such as the image shown at left. Some guys might wear some of this. Maybe. Or possibly it could be used in a science-fiction movie…
  • The United States will not, after all, build a Death Star. I wonder if any voters are having second thoughts due to the clearly pro-Jedi stance of the White House…
  • No, diet soda probably does not cause depression. There’s a good discussion in this article about the difference between correlation and causation that I have alluded to a number of times in many contexts. For example, almost all modern serial killers have worn pants; therefore, we conclude that pants cause serial killing. Only, you know, that would be dumb, so we don’t.
  • Sometimes when I’m sad I curl up with a cup of hot tea, and that makes me feel better. However, at one point tea was deemed a reckless, irresponsible habit for a woman. You might as well have been swigging gin. And women weren’t even allowed in coffee shops. What “good old days”? I’m not seeing it; I think my giant coffeecup is getting in the way.