Lost Letters, Awful Trends, And People Who Have Lost Their Heads

As it’s the beginning of the year, bloggers and reporters are doing a lot of year-in-review stuff. I’m not, but here are a few things that have caught my eye recently.

  • The alphabet is pretty codified these days, and there’s no use trying to get them to squeeze an extra letter in there, or even a smiley-face. Here are some of the sad letters that did not make the cut. Alas, poor thorn, we hardly knew thee.
  • Here’s a list of trends that need to die in 2013. They are fashion trends, and while I don’t agree with all of them, I hope never to see another see-through lace dress prominently displaying a star’s underwear beneath. I don’t need to see your undies, ladies. They are not that interesting, and in fact, wearing that outfit makes you look like you accidentally put on a slip instead of real clothes this morning.
  • This gallery of photos of a defunct amusement park did not come from Pripyat, the city evacuated when Chernobyl’s reactor blew. However, it did come from a Soviet-style amusement park in East Berlin, and it’s quite haunting in its own right. (via BoingBoing)
  • Stellar health writer Anne Polta of the West Central Tribune chronicles the health-related things she’d like to see kicked to the curb along with the year 2012. All I can say is hear, hear.
  • This gallery of headless people is totally photoshopped. Actually, these headless photos were done long before Photoshop existed, but people still found a way to create comical and plain old bizarre photos of people holding their own heads, or loved ones’ heads. In other words, yes, Victorians did have a sense of humor. (via BoingBoing)