Some Cheer For A Difficult Day

Tragedies and difficult times are occurring today.

There’s not a way for me to help in any meaningful way, but looking back at my grandfather’s funeral, I mostly recall that a cousin’s inadvertent joke made us all laugh–and knowing that my grandfather would have laughed harder than anyone. That made us all feel better, and it was a fitting memorial for a guy with a loopy sense of humor.

In that spirit, I offer you a few links that may at least give you a bit of a smile.

  • Gangnam Style is funny, but this educational parody from NASA is even better. It’s so nice to see women doing science and not just being used as eye candy.
  • Here’s a list from Poynter of the best media errors and corrections of the year. Some of them are flinchworthy, but others are just hilarious. I have to offer kudos to the kids who sent a correction notice in regarding the day the Titanic struck an iceberg.
  • And from the Atlantic Wire, another list of the Best (Worst?) Typos, Mistakes, and Correrctions of 2012. Because one good Correrction list deserves another, am I right? This one has more childish errors, such as an incidence of the infamous leaving-the-L-out-of-public. These are the typos that keep the press awake at night praying we remembered the Ls and didn’t switch the w in “wrap” for a c.