Beware The Dread Gazebo, Slayer Of Multitudes

I bought a teapot shaped like one of the most terrible, frightening monsters in the entire Dungeons & Dragons monster list. Yes, it is a frightening object, far more terrifying than the most evil, fiery dragon than you can imagine. It probably is even more fearsome than the tarrasque, although I wouldn’t want to meet one of those in a dark alley either. Or a light alley. Or anywhere, ever.

But my new teapot is way scarier than that. Check it out.

The Dread Gazebo
The Dread Gazebo in Teapot Form

That’s right, my friends. I am now the lucky owner of a teapot shaped like a Dread Gazebo.

The story of the Dread Gazebo hearkens back to the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, and tells about a player who encounters a gazebo and, well. Let’s just say the results are pretty funny.

Now the question is, how do I keep my other teapots safe from the Dread Gazebo Teapot?