Hire A Woman? Terrible Idea!

Australia’s National Archives have put up a relic of sexism from the nation’s Department of Trade describing why exactly it would be such a terrible idea to have a woman serve as an assistant trade commissioner.

For one thing, she would, of course, age. And that’s terrible.

“… such an appointee would not stay young and attractive for ever and later on could well become a problem.”

Wow. I had no idea that women are only a problem when they get old!

And “A spinster lady can, and very often does, turn into something of a battleaxe with the passing years. A man usually mellows.”

There are some less stupid objections to hiring a woman on the list as well, such as the likelihood that a woman would get married and then quit (which women often did at the time), and that women are not allowed in men’s clubs, making socializing more difficult. It’s a good thing some of these societal things have changed, and it’s a shame more haven’t.

It’s a sad testament to how things were back then, and it’s also a great explanation of why it was so darn hard for women to get into some fields.

Thanks to BoingBoing for posting the link.

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  1. Jodi

    “How things were back then..” Ha! How things are TODAY in Missouri. Did you hear the latest from Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin?

    1. I do think there’s a lot less overt sexism now. Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of discrimination, and a lot of it isn’t even conscious–which makes it that much harder to combat.

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