Candy-corn Oreos And Other Things To Be Skeptical About

Don’t get me wrong, I actually appreciate the multi-Oreoed world we live in, and the diversity of delicious cookie goodness available to us: Double Stuf, mini-Oreos, Neapolitan Oreos, Mint Oreos… there’s a lot out there.

I’m really not sure candy corn Oreos were a good choice, though.

Does anyone really love candy corn? I mean, I usually take a few when they’re out, because it’s one of those seasonal things you’re practically obliged to eat at the proper time, but… they’re a bit of a blank slate, flavor-wise.

Mostly what you get out of a piece of candy corn is the waxen texture, with a bit of vague sweetness that doesn’t really taste like anything much.

And in other news, more to be skeptical about:

  • Gendered crayons. Now that I have a number of family members and friends who are having babies, I’ve noticed the dearth of gender-neutral outfits and toys for babies and small children. I have nothing against pink and blue, but what happened to green, yellow, black, orange, red and brown? Babies don’t even know they have hands, let alone girl/boy bits, do we really have to ram gender roles down their tiny throats before they’re even on solids? I say this as a girl who loved purple and wouldn’t even read books about boys when I was young, but I like to think if I’d preferred “boy” toys, my parents wouldn’t have forced princess crayons on me. Besides, everyone knows the packages of 100+ crayons are the Cadillac crayons anyway.
  • World War I recruitment posters. “Daddy, what did you do in the Great War?” “I could tell ya, but I’d have to shootcha, kid.”
  • The Plagiarism Checker! Not that I’m skeptical of that, but there’s been a rash of plagiarism stories about reporters. Who should definitely know better.
  • The Case of the Upside-Down Woman. Normally my BS-detector goes off when I hear weird-medicine stories like this, but the tale of the woman who was brought into the ER being held upside-down by her enormous husband is pretty convincing. The body can be pretty weird.

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  1. Miki T-B

    I, myself, am “anti-gender” colorization. I absolutely abhor the color pink because to me that represents females that say “Oh no, the volleyball might hit me!” If I would have had children and if any of them would have been female and received anything pink for baby shower gifts, I would have marched directly to the store and exchanged them!

    1. Pft. If you had a girl now? There’s a *lot* more pink out there than anything else, from what I’ve seen, and most of what you’d get would be pink. It’s kind of aggravating, because even if I weren’t vaguely fretful about the gender thing, I’d just get plain old sick of pink. Heck, if I could change my hair color daily I would.

  2. Logan

    My daughter is three weeks old. I’m clothing her in pink, blue and everything else. I want to find out what colors she likes before we choose a dominant one.

    Oh, and she’s also wearing lots of purple and white, the colors of my alma mater.

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