I Got Engaged Last Night

I got engaged last night, but only in my dreams. Literally in my dreams.

I dreamed I was preparing for my wedding, and for some reason my aunt was in charge of the big event. (This actually makes a little bit of sense; all three of her children have gotten married and she knows how to do a slam-bang event.)

I was busily deciding what type of decorative flower should go on my wedding cake when it occurred to me to wonder who I was marrying.

I realized then that I had absolutely no idea who I was getting married to. Literally no idea. Now if this happened in real life, I’d freak out, but in the dream, I very calmly looked it up online, and found out I was engaged to someone who had in fact died in an accident. And if that had happened in real life I’m sure I’d be very upset, but in the dream I just wondered how my aunt was going to react when I told her the wedding was off.

I also wondered if we could still do the cakes.

After all, I’ve got my priorities straight.

I’m pretty sure the dream was a remix of some of the episodes of Poirot I’ve been watching lately. In one, a woman says “But then you never really know what someone’s like until after you’ve married them,” or something of that nature. In another one a pilot disappears and is presumed dead, and who precisely was engaged to him becomes a vital plot element.

So I think my brain squashed all these things together, fished up the memories of my cousins’ weddings and my own brother’s, and did a sort of bizarre mashup.

I suppose I was just lucky I hadn’t actually murdered my fiance in the dream. That really puts a damper on wedding fun.

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