Mystery Flowers And Tenacious B.G.

Mystery Flowers!
Mystery Flowers!

Someone sent me flowers last week!

I’d love to pretend it was a secret admirer, but I’m not the sort of person who gets flowers from secret admirers.

I do get flowers from my parents, and sometimes I get flowers from interviewees.

So maybe it was the lovely ladies of the Jamestown Area Grief Support Team. I interviewed them on Wednesday, and as always, they were a hoot and a half. Or maybe it was my parents, who would know that I collect teacups. (Note the lovely teacup flowerpot, which is not only supercute but allows drainage as well.)

Thank you, flower-givers! They were much appreciated and they made my whole day a shiny day.

In other news, as you can see, B.G. survived his transition into the red pot, and his children have stayed at home in the blue B.G. pot. They look a lot happier now that they’re not all stuffed together in one tiny little space, don’t you think?

I hope I don’t kill them.

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  1. Julie Buntjer

    Pretty flowers! How exciting to get them from an anonymous giver (isn’t it driving you just a bit crazy, though?) I like the reminder card that the flowers are thirsty. 🙂

    1. It is driving me a little crazy. But I was a little crazy before, so it all evens out.

      I should really add some more water. The rose is tired out, but the carnations are still lovely, as are the… purple thingies.

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