Happy Birthday, White Cloud!

I’ve said it before, but Jamestown is the only city I know where you go to a birthday party and eat the relatives of the honoree.

The party, of course, was in honor of White Cloud, Jamestown’s very famous white buffalo, and yes, buffalo burgers were served. Nothin’ wrong with that!

I opted for a fry bread taco and a cinnamon-drenched elephant ear instead, when I went to the Frontier Village/Buffalo Museum on Saturday to scope out the celebration. It was pretty hopping down there, with lots of people from Jamestown as well as the surrounding area and points further abroad, and Buffalo Museum staff were serving up delicious birthday cake as part of the festival. Very tasty stuff!

I didn’t get a look at White Cloud, but far off in the distance I did catch a glimpse of some of the other buffalo, just hanging out. Guessing the sun was a little too bright and shiny for the albino buffalo, who have sensitive eyes and generally stick to the shade on days like Saturday. Hopefully White Cloud had a nice birthday celebration wandering around out there, just bein’ a buffalo.

On the way out I bought some N.D.-made honey and rhubarb jam.

I also caught the fireworks display Saturday night. They started a bit late–scheduled for 10:30 but they started closer to 11 p.m. — but they really were pretty spectacular.

I noticed there were a couple of “shaped” fireworks–a heart, and a flower–which I don’t recall ever having seen before. Cute stuff! There were also some noise-making fireworks, which I hadn’t heard before, possibly because I’m not usually close enough.

Personally, I like the big golden bursts that fall like the branches of a weeping willow.

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    1. Not surprised! I hear good things.

      I’ve never been able to get into auto racing, unfortunately. I feel the same way about baseball–the only time I ever really had a ton of fun watching baseball was when my brother played. My parents used to bring me to Twins games when I was a kid and I’d always try to sneak a book in.

      I know, there’s something wrong with me!

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