Pluots And Other Plants

Pluots, also known as “dinosaur eggs,” are absolutely fantastic and everyone should try them at least once. They look a little like a plum, but have a speckled, almost brown tone, and they are apricot-plum hybrids. Delicious ones, at that.

But! They’re not the only weirdie fruit out there, and some of the fruit you’re used to seeing may not be as normal as you think it is, either. Grapefruit, for example, were an accident. And lemons are hybrids of citron and orange. (via BoingBoing)

And more weirdness!

  • A person has been playing a single game of Civilization II for ten years. The people in his game world have suffered through dozens of nuclear wars and reside in a hellish wasteland. (Cue New Jersey jokes.)
  • What’s the deal with these zombie maples?
  • Conspiracy theories are fun! Until you become the subject of one. Then your life takes a turn for the weird, and you get mysterious phone calls at night from a guy who thinks you’re a serial killer based on some extremely fragile gematria-like cryptographical voodoo. Hint: Much less fun then. (via BoingBoing)
  • Arsenic was once so popular as a pesticide that people started getting sick from eating apples. Because they were coated in it. Apparently you still have to be careful in some places that used to be apple orchards…
  • Before there was Mickey Mouse, there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Who is, as it happens, planning a return to the Disney pantheon
  • A good hairdresser can make your hair look fantastic. But a good hairdresser can also keep an eye out for any weird irregularities on your skin (especially the skin you can’t see) and help you detect cancer early.
  • And finally, here’s 25 iconic celebrities in swimsuits. Question: Why are all of them female, with the sole exception of the entire cast of Baywatch? Do we just not take photos of men in swimsuits, or have they just never been… iconic enough?