Writing About Writing (and Religion)

Not to be hopelessly twee or self-referential here, but I’ve noticed a buildup of journalism- and media-related links building up here on my browser, starting with a couple of things about religion reporting.

First, Romenesko linked a report that found Americans believe their religion news is too sensationalized. The religion reporting I do, personally, tends to be featurey, rather than hard news, and it’s not generally something that lends itself to sensationalism–even if I wanted to sensationalize it, which I do not.

And the religion reporting that’s available through the Associated Press skews heavily Catholic, probably because 1. their church is centralized and a little easier to write about, 2. it’s a very big church and 3. they have their own country.

Do you find your religion news to be sensationalized? Local or national?

And now on to other topics!