Sad News: Trololo Guy Passes Away

Sad news to fans of internet memes today: The Trololo Guy, Eduard Khil, has passed away at age 77. Incidentally, the lyrics to the song were replaced with nonsense words because Soviet censors didn’t like them.

In other news across the web:

  • Remember those exploding beach rocks? BoingBoing brings us an update: It was definitely phosphorus.
  • London has a new Olympic Tower, and Brainiac has a picture! I hesitate to call it ugly, because then I  might seem hopelessly old-fashioned, and I can’t really decide if it’s ugly anyway. What do you think? I think it kind of looks like somebody wadded up a rollercoaster and shoved it in the ground like a spear.
  • Turns out the Back to the Future trilogy has a lot of cool little details you might miss if you’re not watching for them. Each flick has a trivia page on IMDB–check them out. I honestly didn’t even notice they changed the actor for George McFly after the first movie.
  • The moths are still around. Yeeech.
  • “Hopefully” is apparently the word that divides the hardcore grammarians from the more late-Wittgensteinian language-is-a-game people. There’s a huge controversy over the the word, NPR reports. Note that by this measure I am not a hardcore grammarian. Take that, all you people who’ve accused me of being a language snob! I’m actually a quasi-language-snob!