Westward! To the Oil Patch!

Tomorrow I’m heading out with a colleague to the modern-day Wild West, filled with oilmen, money and trucks so big they will make you say “That’s no moon!” and back away with horror.

I’m going to a newspaper conference, but along with some shiny continuing education-type stuff, there will also be a tour of the Oil Patch.

I’m greatly looking forward to getting out there, and I’m really glad I won’t have to drive. My car, though normal-sized, would turn into a bumper car out there in the Oil Patch at worst and a golf cart at best. My assistant editor has a TRUCK. So we’ll fit in with everybody else out there who isn’t driving a semi.

I’ll try to post a couple of times while I’m out there–just some observations on what it’s like, nothing too complex–and hopefully I won’t get smushed by a truck or anything like that.

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