Zorro Defends Lecture, Cinnamon Wounds, And Puppies

Here are some funny pranks and some very unfunny, dangerous practices, and also, just because, puppies.

  • First, a college lecture suddenly becomes exciting with the addition of a purse theft, Zorro, and a duel. (via College Media Matters)
  • Here’s ten more simple pranks you can do, if you don’t have a mariachi band handy. Some of them are kind of mean–the ketchup, I think, is a wee bit harsh–but others are amusing. (via BoingBoing)
  • Why swallowing ground-up water-repellent bark is a bad idea. Clue: Cinnamon is ground-up water-repellent bark, so this is about that “cinnamon challenge” we’ve all been hearing so much about lately. (via BoingBoing)
  • If you’re buying a puppy, please consider an ugly one. Apparently looks are often the major reason why people choose the puppies they choose, meaning there must be a ton of sad, ugly-cute puppies out there.
  • And finally, “reporter” has again landed on a couple of lists: one for “careers that pay less than you think” and one for “worst jobs.” I have to question the “worst jobs” bit, personally. I love my job. I find deadlines more helpful than stressful, my coworkers are great, and sure, I work weird hours, but they’re certainly not as difficult hours as my parents (a pastor and a nurse) work. Plus, I get to not only write, but I also get to proofread, which I enjoy quite a bit. Here’s another person’s take on it; I don’t agree with everything she says either (actually, I get thanked a lot, and my higher-ups are nice to me), but thought it was worth a look.