Plant Imperilled

B.G. doesn’t know it, but he is in mortal peril right now.

My aloe plant, B.G., is sitting there in his gorgeous blue-and-violet pot, surrounded by his three beautiful children (the youngest is probably just a few months old, as I didn’t notice her until today), having just been watered, thinking everything is totally fine.

He has no idea that tomorrow, he’s going to be moving to a brand-new home, a red, square-shaped pot with a built-in draining dish.

And he’ll be moving there alone.

Yes, I am breaking up the family, leaving B.G.’s children in his lovely pot until they get big enough to strike out on their own as individuals.

Frankly, I just hope he survives the trip. I have a brown thumb and I would really like B.G. to survive the experience of moving, with as few aches, pains and confusion over where-the-heck-is-my-stuff as possible.

We’ll see how it goes. If all goes well, I will post a photo of B.G. in his brand-new home, perhaps with a snapshot of the kids.