Remembering Columbine

Apparently they’re considering making a miniseries about Columbine on Lifetime. This has been quite controversial, as many of the survivors of the horrific school shooting that occurred there don’t want the miniseries to be made.

This particular article on the issue seems to point the finger at “the media” for not letting the story die. The Columbine tragedy wasn’t, after all, that unusual–school massacres have happened before, and they will happen again, unfortunately.

This is undoubtedly true. However, Columbine was a bit different than some of the other school shootings. One, the shooters were students. This isn’t always the case. Two, they seemed fairly normal. That’s not always the case either. Three, no one could quite figure out what their motives really were. Even they might not have known.

The death toll at Columbine was 15, if you include the two gunmen who died at their own hands. I wrote about some of my thoughts on the matter earlier here. Others had their own ideas.

Hardly anybody remembers an earlier school tragedy that claimed the lives of 45 people in Michigan. Many of the slain were students, but not all of them. In this particular case, the murderer deliberately drew emergency workers to another location (beating his wife to death and then blowing up his farm) before blowing up the school. Then, after people came to help, he set off another explosion (killing himself in the process).

As it turned out, the perpetrator, Andrew Kehoe, had been buying explosives and putting them in the school for months.

It was May 18, 1927.