Thoughts On The Runnin O’ The Green

(John Steiner/Jamestown Sun)

I talked to too many people at the Runnin O’ the Green.

Yes, it actually is possible to do that, when you’re a reporter. I found there were at least four or five people extra interviews I ended up not using in my article, which clocked in at 38.18 inches.

For those of you who don’t speak newspaperese, let me translate for you: 38.18 inches=pretty dang long.

So even though the article was a leetle too long, it didn’t include everything I had.

It also didn’t include my own thoughts on the Runnin.

I have to admit, before the event, I was a little concerned. I was afraid the whole thing would turn out to be nothing but an excuse to drink, and for a few people, maybe it was.

However, of the dozen or so people that I talked to who were participating in the Runnin O’ the Green, many of them mentioned, unprompted, that it was all “for a good cause,” and then they’d talk about the way money from the event goes to Elks Camp Grassick and local people with cancer.

A few times they didn’t mention the causes, so I would say in passing, “It’s for a good cause, right?” and then they usually brightened and said “Yeah, Camp Grassick!” or “Yeah, cancer patients!”

I thought that was cool.