Weird Ailments And Soviet Propaganda

It’s not easy being green, but it’s also apparently not easy being blue. Just ask the Fugate family of Kentucky, who have a rare genetic condition that causes them to be, well. Blue. Fortunately, they’re otherwise pretty much okay.

Here’s an ailment you probably don’t have: bicycle face. That’s what you get when you ride on those newfangled contraptions instead of having the sense to walk or ride a horse. If you think that’s too silly, try television neck on for size.


A bit of mild profanity in this wonderful tale of the most awesome obituary ever run, courtesy of Romenesko. This is about the man who was described by the Washington Post thusly: He was variously a shark fighter, ocelot hunter, mink farm operator and authority on baccarat.

And he was pirate, too. He once tried to commit suicide by jaguar.


And finally, here’s some lovely Soviet propaganda. Read it, enjoy, and stay away from bicycles.