Happy Viking Day!

Pillage and plunder and loot your hearts out, today, my friends, for it is Viking Day, the day upon which we celebrate our Scandinavian heritage (or lack thereof) and steal candy and flowers from everybody else!

Viking Day is a widely-celebrated holiday, in which people buy flowers and candy and exchange them as weregild, as the ancient customs of our people dictate. The colors of this violent and dangerous holiday are, of course, red (for blood) and pink (for entrails).

Now, as we are all Midwesterners, it is, of course, important to pillage politely.

3 Responses

  1. Jodi from the Sons of Norway

    Kari, I googled “Viking war-cry” trying to find an appropriate shout-back for your cute description of V-Day (Vikings Day). I was hoping to find the equivalent of a pirate’s “Arrr.” All I could find was that apparently Vikings used to approach shore and terrify seaside villagers with blood-curdling shouts of “Ahoy!” Over the centuries I think the shock and awe of “ahoy” has pretty much dissipated. These days if someone shouted “Ahoy!” to me I’d look around and try to find the chocolate chip cookies.

    1. Ahaha! Yeah, “Ahoy” has definitely lost its punch, I’d say. Maybe we could be all “I’ll bite yer face off!” or “I’ve got an axe!” or possibly, we could just growl.


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