A Kitchen To Blind The Eyes

Feast your eyes on what may be the brightest and most painful kitchen ever made. Can you imagine chopping onions in the kitchen shown at left? You’d go blind in there. But wait, there’s more horror ahead! (From Retronaut, via BoingBoing.)

I seriously don’t know if the entire nation went spontaneously insane in the 1970s or what, but how did anyone make it out of that decade with eyeballs still intact?

My assistant editor said it looked like somebody threw Barbie in a blender and used her as paint. I can’t imagine anybody older than 12 in this kitchen, or anybody male.

For a less blinding, more run-down historical gallery, check out this abandoned hospital, on an island that was once home to Typhoid Mary. The real one.

And here’s some classic paintings reimagined as sci-fi classics, just for fun. It includes C-3P0 Descending a Staircase.