Fallout In Iowa

Remember that guy who hates Iowa, Stephen G. Bloom? Today I found a few more interesting reactions to him, some of which are rated PG and one of which has some pretty heavy cussin’, which I will distinguish as such.

  • Kyle Munson of the Des Moines Register thinks Bloom should have expected people to flip out.
  • Bloom’s piece was riddled with factual errors as well as a generally unpleasant tone. Scroll down on this page to see them all. Incidentally, I don’t know a lot of Iowans who would use the B-word to a stranger, even in its proper use referring to a female dog.
  • Fellow professor Peter Feldstein writes in the Press-Citizen that he now wishes Bloom’s name wasn’t on his book, and has a number of gently reproachful things to say about the whole thing.
  • Allie Wright, one of Bloom’s students, notes for the record on USAToday that she is not a waste-oid, and adds she will not be taking any more of Bloom’s classes.
  • Vietnamese Iowan Kim Bui especially objected to the idea that Iowans are only there waiting to die, and writes a spirited defense of her beloved home state on Southern California Public Radio.
  • And finally, for those of you who do not object to profanity, there is a parody Twitter account that is definitely not the real Stephen Bloom. There’s a lot of profanity, including quite a few drops of the F-bomber, and there’s also a lot of mockery of Bloom. Do not click on this link if that bothers you.