The Wind Has A Message

I generally keep chocolate around in case of an emergency, and today I opened up the foil on a fortune chocolate. That’s what I call those little individually-wrapped bite-sized portions of chocolate that have little sayings on the insides of their wrappers.

“The wind tells a story, listen.”

Only I live in the Midwest. Although we’ve successfully rehabilitated our wind to be used for energy and also, in some cases, windsurfing, it has a long history of being downright mean, and vindictive.

I suspect any message the wind has for me to end with the phrase “sleeps with the fishes,” frankly.

3 Responses

    1. They’re called Dove Promises. I usually get the dark chocolate ones, but they come in milk chocolate too, and I think I saw cherry-flavored ones once.

      But ever since I saw “Witches of Eastwick” as a kid, I’m not too big on cherries, so I ignore those.

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