Ringtone Stops Symphony; Phone Owner Mortified

Generally when I go to a meeting, I put my phone on vibrate.

I never feel like I can turn it off, because one never knows when there might be an ammonia leak, a catastrophic accident or a massive donation to a local school. Reporters, like pastors and police, are essentially on call all the time.

Every once in a while, very seldom, I forget to change my phone over to vibrate, and once or twice, this has resulted in a mortifying ringing during a meeting. It’s always incredibly embarrassing, I feel unprofessional and I feel like a big inconsiderate jerk on top of that.

But it could be so much worse.

Imagine having your phone ringing during a symphony at a massive concert hall. Only you don’t even recognize it’s your phone, because you turned your phone off. And it can’t be ringing, because it’s off. And it’s brand-new, and you’re not exactly sure how the dang thing works, but it’s off, that’s for sure. And then the director stops the symphony and glares at you for several minutes until your phone stops ringing.

The internet bays for your blood, people are calling you unconscionably rude and directing the sort of hate at you that used to be reserved for people who kick dogs and throw kittens off overpasses.

The moral of the story: Know how your phone works, and be sure you know how to turn it off.

2 Responses

  1. The real question might be: since the Symphony was Mahler, was the cellphone really a distraction? I jest, of course. I don’t even like it when people are talking on their cellphones in public, where it can be a little annoying, let alone interrupting a concert, which is down-right rude!

    1. It is definitely rude. Still, you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. He honestly thought his new phone was off, and it was–it’s just that when an alarm is set that doesn’t stop them.

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