Norwegian Enough For Lefse, But Not Lutefisk

I got to hang out with the Sons of Norway on Saturday as 15 members of the group made lefse, and it was a lot of fun. I think there were only two or three pure-blood Norwegians in the group, and the rest of them were like me, with two or more ethnic groups in the background.

I admitted I was also part-German. Mom likes to say I’m part German, part Norwegian and all stubborn.

In response to this another woman grinned and said “You can tell a German. But you can’t tell him much.”

An important thing happened at the Saturday gathering, though. I learned some people put jam on their lefse and that this is totally okay.

I may try that next time I’m at my family’s holiday celebrations, but I’m a little bit worried that might be viewed as heretical. They’re strictly butter-and-white-sugar lefse eaters, except that some of the men mash lutefisk up with potatoes and use the lefse as a tortilla.

Do you think I’ll get kicked out of the family for putting jam on lefse? They must have jam in Norway.

I’m Norwegian enough to like lefse, but I’m definitely not Norwegian enough to like lutefisk. I’m also German enough to like kuchen, but not enough to like sauerkraut (except on pizza).

I’m also, apparently, a tiny bit Croatian, but I don’t really have any strong opinion on neckties, never having worn one.

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  1. Wanna B Sure

    For us hybreds of Norwegins, and German, Sour kraut might be a good side dish for lutefisk. A silk necktie might be good for color though.

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