More On Superheroes

Here’s a look at the versions of Batman we’ve seen throughout the years, from the campy TV show Batman all the way through to the (really) Dark Knight.

The Batman in the fifth picture is the one I remember from my youth, and he lived in a fairly dark world, considering it was an afternoon cartoon aimed at kids. He also lived in a city of glorious Art Deco beauty, a Gotham City that seemed to have been built in the 1930s and kept up beautifully.

In other superhero-related random linkage, here’s an interesting gallery of original superhero uniforms.

For those of us raised after lycra, spandex and some sort of rubbery leather stuff took over the superhero costuming industry, they look very… tactile. Real. As if Superman stopped by the drycleaner on his way home from work, or as if Wonder Woman had pondered the glories of wash-and-wear. The cloth reminds me of the wretched band uniforms we used to wear, and it was probably hotter than Hades in the summer. I guess that’s one good reason to fight crime in a bustier, Wonder Woman.

Finally, this isn’t all superhero-related, but a graphic designer came up with some images of movies that weren’t, such as a version of Kill Bill starring Marilyn Monroe and a live-action Calvin and Hobbes. It’s kinda curious how some people’s minds work, isn’t it?