Bad Coffee Snobs

I worked at a coffee shop for a while, and I remember how frustrating it was when people would ask why their lattes had no foam. Conditioned by Starbucks, they believed lattes were supposed to have foam on top.

They’re not.

Cappuccinos have foam on top. What cappuccinos don’t have is flavoring–a cappuccino is a strictly-proportioned drink composed of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third milk foam. As such, it’s stronger than a latte, which is composed of espresso and steamed milk. You can put flavoring in a latte and it’ll still be a latte, because the proportions vary. Technically, if you put a shot of flavor into a cappuccino, it’s not a cappuccino anymore.

That said, if a customer ordered a grande cappuccino with a flavor shot of vanilla, I did not refuse to serve them. I did not roll my eyes. I did not insist they order correctly or weep for their ignorance.

A lot of this is because while I can appreciate good coffee, I am also still quite capable of drinking Folgers instant or a generic coffee that’s been sitting on the machine for several hours. (That ruins coffee. Then again, technically most coffee is already ruined by the time it gets to the consumer anyway.) I am just not a coffee snob. And if somebody wants a darn flavor shot in a cappuccino, and they are willing to pay for it, I don’t see why they shouldn’t get it.

Not everyone feels this way, however. There are at least a few places that will not serve iced espresso, because they feel it ruins the taste.

But at least we can all laugh at them. Here’s a video about pretentious coffee snobs. It has some profanity in it, so if you aren’t okay with that, please do not watch it.

(My own drink of choice was usually a cafe au lait with a flavor shot of cinnamon/coconut, for what it’s worth, but I changed up the flavor shot quite a bit.)

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  1. Huzzah! I can rattle off Italian terms with the best of them, but in the end it’s just coffee. My favourite is a latte with just a bit of cherry and hazlenut syrup.

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