How To Make Apple Pie With Absolutely No Apples Whatsoever

When apples are in short supply and the demand for apple pie remains high, you  might be gratified to know that you can still bake an apple pie. Without any actual apples.

To be clear, no apples are involved at any point in making this apple pie. There’s not even a smidgeon of a sniff of a faint remnant of a bit of a nubbin of an apple. Apples aren’t even in the vicinity of this pie. In fact, they totally have an alibi.

What is this witchcraft, you might ask, that allows one to make apple pie with no apples?

It’s called “science.”

Check it out. Fool your friends. Bake some and be all “You know that apple pie you just ate? … it wasn’t… exactly apples.” Then watch their eyes bug out as they beg you to tell them they haven’t just eaten dirt or worse.

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  1. Wanna B Sure

    I’ve had this years ago, (55 yr.). And then there is corn-cob Jelly and the leaves from the plant lamb’s quarter cooked and served with a dash of butter salt & papper. The best darn “spinach ” you have ever eaten.

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